Department of Employment and Labour Compensation Fund (CF) Update – Covid-19 Claims and Payments

Department of Employment and Labour Compensation Fund Update – Covid-19 Claims and Payments

The Department of Employment and Labour have recently (16 November) issued an update on Covid-19 claims and payments for the Compensation Fund (CF). The Compensation Fund exist to provide social protection to workers who sustain occupational injuries or who contract occupational diseases during the course of their employment.

More information from the release below:​​

The Compensation Fund (CF), an entity of the Department of Employment and Labour and the two Mutual Assurances who operate under license from the Minister of Employment and Labour to carry out compensation for occupational injuries and disease mandate of government alongside the CF has as at 12 November paid Covid-19 related benefits to the value of R15, 444, 508.10.

  • Compensation Fund paid R6, 066, 977.08
  • Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) paid R6, 615, 470.02 and
  • Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) paid R762, 061.00The total distribution of the occupational benefits paid is as follows:
  • Temporary total disbursement amounted to R2, 092, 368.70
  • Medical aid payments amounted to R5, 217, 438.56
  • Funeral costs amounted to R54, 753.00
  • Dependents benefits amounted to R6, 079, 947.84

The payments made is in respect of the 11,233 Covid-19 claims registered in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act. The Compensation Fund processed 7621 of the claims, RMA processed 3259 of the claims and FEM processed 353 of the claims.

A total of 4 415 claims received from received from males while 6 818 are registered by females.

The full release can be found here.