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Trust Greys Nursing Services to provide the best, reliable staff at the right price

Rooted firmly in the solid foundation of the Measured Ability Group of Companies, Greys Nursing Services has been trusted as an industry leader in the medical sector for over 40 years.

Greys Nursing Services is an operationally minded, entrepreneurial, client-first business offering:

  • Care Givers
  • Ward Aides
  • Registered Nurses
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Enrolled Nursing Assistants

Cultivating long-term relationships with clients and staff alike, obtaining the highest level of care and service with every placement.

Exponential growth over four decades owing to a specialist team operating at the forefront of the industry. 

In excess of 12 000 worldwide payroll transactions administered monthly by our in-house specialists.

An extensive network of regional offices empower us to operate with unmatched efficiency both nationally and internationally.

Durban Office:

3rd Floor, Island Circle Block,
22 Island Circle,
Riverhorse Valley Business Estate,

Phone: 031 312 6453

[email protected]


Greys Nursing Services has successfully placed thousands of nursing professionals into hospitals, care homes, doctors’ practices and private homes. Our extensive vetting, continuous training and vast pool of candidates ensure that our clients rest easy in the knowledge that only the most qualified, caring and capable staff are placed with them.

We offer the following specialist nursing professionals into many establishments including:

  • Care Facilities 
  • Retirement villages and Old Age Homes
  • Frail Care Facilities
  • Palliative Care Facilities
  • Home Based Care / Home Care Nursing
  • Private Hospitals and Clinics 
Why Healthcare Providers Are Outsourcing Their Nursing


Our benchmarking procedure requires that all staff successfully complete our registration process which is in line with client specific competencies – including the following recruitment processes such as:

  • Interviewed Face-to-Face & Reference Checked 
  • Criminal Checked & ITC checks (on request)
  • Verifications are done on applicant’s RN / EN / ENA registration documents with SANC
  • Medical Tests (on request and job related)
  • Induction to company policies
  • Orientation (1 day at client)
  • Orientation feedback received from Client
  • Mobilised
  • Candidates are then assigned on a contractual / ad-hoc basis  as per the clients staffing requirements, their performance is then managed during the contract period.


Our Operational staff adopt and open door policy and deal with all staff in an empathetic manner.


A contract manager will be assigned to ensure that each clients’ requirements are met on a daily basis as per the Service Level Agreement.

Regular site visits will be conducted to ensure that exceptional service levels are met.

The Site Manager will always be available 24 hours a day for any emergencies or concerns that you might experience.

All staff performance issues will be addressed with a sense of urgency and feedback will be provided on the outcome of any disciplinary action that has been taken.


Expert Efficiencies

Besides the daily visible presence of our on-site operations what is not evidenced and goes on behind the scenes is the huge amount of administration undertaken on behalf of our clients. This includes but is not limited to the following and this is why your organisation requires expert administration:

Full Wage Administration

U.I.F, Workman’s Compensation, Levies, Taxes, Insurances, Paid Public Holidays, Sick Leave Admin, Annual Leave Admin, Family Responsibility Admin, IOD’s, Banking and Staff Advances.

Human Resources / Personnel

Contracts of Employment, all Administration and Management of Personnel Files, Payroll Administration, Recruitment and Selection.

Industrial / Labour Relations

No obligations or necessary involvement in any IR issues. Employee disciplinary procedures, grievances, industrial action, CCMAs etc.

Site Staff

Attending to staff complaints, pay issues, mobilisations to site etc.

Staff Bank / Pool Management

Manage orientation process

Nursing Professionals

Homecare Nursing Services from the Leading Nursing Agency in Durban

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, is known for its beautiful beaches, warm climate and vibrant healthcare sector. The city and province are also home to a few of Greys Nursing Services’ offices, giving healthcare providers in the region access to a trusted industry leader in the medical outsourcing industry.

One of the benefits of outsourcing nursing to an agency with regional knowledge and experience is flexibility and convenience. With Greys, you can rest assured that your nursing staff will be available when you need them without the hassle of recruiting and managing staff yourself.

If you are looking for qualified, reliable, and experienced nurses for your healthcare facility, Greys is here to help. Get in touch with our team for the best nursing services in Durban.

Understanding Greys Nursing Services

Nursing services encompass various tasks, from providing basic bedside care to administering specialised treatments. Nurses are often the first point of contact for patients and their families, so they must provide compassionate and professional service.

Outsourcing nursing services in Durban to an agency like Grey’s Nursing Services can be a cost-effective way for healthcare providers to fill staffing gaps and meet patient demand.

We have a large pool of nurses who have been background checked and trained to provide high-level care.

Ultimately, nursing services are an essential part of the healthcare system that only qualified, trained and experienced professionals can provide.

Greys also provides nursing services to healthcare companies in other regions:

Nursing services in Cape Town

Nursing services in Port Elizabeth

Nursing services in Johannesburg

Why Work with Grey’s Nurses for Hire in Durban?

Healthcare organisations in Durban face a wide range of staffing issues. Nurse staffing is demanding, from finding nurses with the necessary training and experience to satisfying the organisation’s unique needs. This is why you need the professional support of Greys Nursing Services in Durban.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the Durban market, having operated here for over four decades. This experience gives us a deep understanding of the region’s unique healthcare needs and allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

We have a pool of qualified, reliable, experienced nurses ready to deploy on-demand to fill staffing gaps in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities.

An Overview of Greys Nursing Services in Durban

When hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities have unexpected staffing needs, they can turn to Grey’s on-call pool of skilled, reliable, and experienced nurses:

  • Caregivers
  • Ward aids
  • Homecare nurses
  • Registered nurses
  • Enrolled nurses
  • Enrolled nursing assistants
  • Special nursing assignees

We provide a wide variety of businesses with the following specialised nursing staff:

  • Care Facilities
  • Retirement villages and nursing homes
  • Frail Care Facilities
  • Palliative Care Facilities
  • Home-based care or home health nursing
  • Private Hospitals and Clinics

Every healthcare facility we supply with nurses has different needs. We at Grey’s Nursing Services pride ourselves on being able to offer a service that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Internal communication

Greys manages communication with staff using an open-door policy. This level of communication ensures that problems or queries are dealt with quickly, with the feedback loop being extremely short.

Hands-on approach

We will conduct regular site visits to ensure that nursing staff meet our exceptional service levels per the service level agreement. The site manager will also be on call around-the-clock to address any urgent issues that may arise.

We shall respond promptly to any concerns regarding employee performance and report back on the results of any disciplinary action taken.

Streamlined Administration

Although our daily on-site operations are in plain sight, the great majority of the administrative work we do on our client’s behalf takes place behind the scenes:

Salaries and wages

Greys Nursing Services executes all payroll and administrative tasks, including:

  • I.F
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Levies, Taxes
  • Insurances
  • Paid public holidays
  • Sick Leave Admin
  • Annual Leave Admin
  • Family Responsibility Admin
  • IOD leave pay
  • Banking
  • Staff Advances

HR Management

We oversee all aspects of human resources and personnel for our nurses, including:

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Administration and Management of Personnel Files
  • Payroll Administration
  • Recruitment and Selection

IR Management

Clients do not bear the burden of tending to industrial or labour relations issues:

  • Employee disciplinary procedures
  • Grievances
  • Industrial action
  • CCMAs

On-site management

Greys handles all inquiries, complaints, visits to the site, and pay concerns for the workforce.

We can also take care of the staff bank by managing the talent pool and running the training and onboarding processes.

Short-Term Nursing Services

Short-term nursing can include yearly, study, extended service, or maternity leave. It is also widely used to address personnel gaps caused by a rise in patient numbers or an illness outbreak.

We can assist you whether you need a caretaker for a few hours a day or a qualified nurse for an entire shift. We recognise that each facility has unique demands and strive to deliver a service that is suited to your specifications.

Long-Term Nursing Services

Long-term nursing is generally required when a patient has been discharged from the hospital but is not yet well enough to return home. This care is sometimes needed when a family member cannot care for an elderly or disabled relative.

Long-term nursing can be arranged on a flexible basis to suit your needs. For example, you may only require nursing care for a few hours a day or need around-the-clock supervision. We will work with you to develop a care plan that meets the needs of your loved one.

The differences between private nursing and nursing in public healthcare

One of the key differences between private nursing and nursing in public healthcare facilities is the level of pay. Nurses working in the private sector generally earn a higher salary than those working in the public sector.

Another difference is the amount of time each nurse spends with patients. In public hospitals, nurses are often required to care for many patients and may have less time to spend with each patient. On the other hand, private nurses often have fewer patients and more time to spend with each one.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both private and public nursing.

Some of the benefits of private nursing include the following:

  • Nurses in the private sector generally earn a higher salary than those in the public sector.
  • Private nurses often have fewer patients and more time to spend with each.
  • Private hospitals often have better facilities and resources than public hospitals.

Some of the disadvantages of private nursing include the following:

  • Private hospitals can be more expensive for patients.
  • Private nurses may have less job security than public nurses.
  • Private hospitals may not be as accessible to everyone.

Some of the advantages of public nursing include the following:

  • Public hospitals are usually more accessible to everyone.
  • Public nurses typically have more job security than private nurses.
  • Public hospitals often provide care for a broader range of patients.

Some of the disadvantages of public nursing include the following:

  • Private hospitals may have more suitable facilities and resources than public hospitals.
  • Public nurses often have to care for many patients and may have less time to spend with each patient.
  • Nurses in the public sector generally earn a lower salary than those working in the private sector.

Each type of nursing has its advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to weigh the pros and cons of each type of nursing before deciding which one is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a home care nurse do?

Homecare nurses provide nursing care to patients in Durban in their homes. They may visit their patients regularly or be called out to provide care on an as-needed basis.

Homecare nurses provide a wide range of services, including wound care, IV therapy, and medication management.

What are the core competencies of a home health nurse?

A home health nurse in Durban is responsible for administering nursing care to patients in their own homes, coordinating the patient’s care with other healthcare team members, and educating patients and their loved ones about their medical condition.

What are the benefits of home care nursing?

Two key benefits to delivering nursing care in the comfort of one’s home are that: Homecare nurses can develop close relationships with their patients and that homecare nursing can be less expensive than hospital care.

How do I hire a nurse in Durban for home care?

You can employ a private nurse or get in touch with a Durban-based homecare nursing agency to get the assistance you need at home. If you contact a home health care agency in your area, they will provide you with names and contact information for registered nurses in Durban who are open to travelling to your location to do home care.

Durban medical facilities can engage private duty nurses by contacting them directly or through an agency. Verifying the nurse’s credentials and examining their references before hiring them for private duty is essential.

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