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Rooted firmly in the solid foundation of the Measured Ability Group of Companies, Greys Recruitment has been trusted as an industry leader in the permanent recruitment sector for over 40 years.

40 years recruiting across the employment spectrum both nationally and internationally; earning Greys Recruitment a reputation as Cape Town’s leading Recruitment Agency.

Sourcing the best candidates online through the implementation of cutting-edge digital channels, SEO practices and Push & Retrieval Technology.

Cultivating long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike, obtaining the closest fit between organisation and employee with every placement.

Fostering a vast pool of middle and executive management candidates in Cape Town ensures that only the most suitable professionals are considered.

A preferred staffing supplier of blue-chip corporates across the Western Cape, specialising in white-collar permanent and temporary recruitment.

Exponential growth over four decades owing to a cross-border team of consultants at the forefront of the industry.

In excess of 12 000 worldwide payroll transactions administered monthly by our in-house specialists.

Visit our recruitment head office in Durban here.

An extensive network of regional offices empower us to operate with unmatched efficiency both nationally and internationally.

Cape Town Office:

Unit 303

De Tijger Office Park

59 Hannes Louw Drive

Parow North

Phone: 021 828 7000

[email protected]

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What is UIF?

UIF is an abbreviation for the South African Unemployment Insurance Fund. Employees who become unemployed due to a variety of reasons may claim for a portion of their salaries to be paid to them for a pre-determined period of time whilst they look for alternate employment.

What are the requirements for a UIF claim?

In order to be eligible you must have contributed to the UIF while you were working. You cannot claim if you have resigned, been suspended or absconded from work. You must register as a work seeker and claim your UIF benefits within 6 months of termination of your employment.

Must my employer pay UIF for me?

Employers must deduct 1% of their employees gross monthly salary and pay this, together with 1% from themselves, to the UIF.

What is workman’s compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is a fund that provides compensation for workers who get hurt at work, or sick from diseases contracted at work, or for death as a result of these injuries or diseases.

Must my employer have workman’s compensation cover?


All employers must register with the Workmen’s Compensation Fund so that their workers can claim compensation for occupational injuries and diseases.

Leading Recruitment Agency in Cape Town

We are one of the leading and most trusted sources for expert recruitment services in Cape Town and the Western Cape province.

We have in-depth recruiting experience in multiple industries and are experts at finding candidates online. We rank among the most effective recruitment agencies, leveraging cutting-edge SEO techniques, digital platforms, and push and retrieval technology.

Because we drive results, we are a top-choice recruitment agency in Cape Town. Get in touch with Greys Recruitment Agency so we can assess your unique needs and deliver the right services to achieve your company’s goals.

Greys is a Preferred Recruitment Agency in Cape Town

Cape Town is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with diverse businesses and industries. As such, finding the right employee for your company can be a challenge. Greys Recruitment Agency has the experience and expertise to help you find your organisation’s required temporary or permanent employees.

We are recruitment specialists who have enjoyed over four decades of exponential growth thanks to the quality of our expert staff. As the most proficient recruitment professionals in Cape Town, we undertake to complete a thorough needs analysis with each client. By understanding the client’s business model, corporate culture, and specific industry circumstances, we can confidently match candidates to the organisation.

The Greys’ track record speaks for itself; the work invested into gaining an intimate knowledge of both client and candidate leads to successful placements every time. Our recruitment services are tailored to fit the needs of our clients, allowing us to provide on-demand service that achieves your recruitment goals.

If you’re looking for a recruitment agency in Cape Town that can help you find the best talent, look no further than Greys Recruitment Agency.

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The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Services

Companies that implement effective recruitment services can experience multiple significant benefits. For example:

You can tap into an extensive list of candidates

By leveraging our extensive database and network, you can access a larger pool of candidates than you would if you were to try and recruit independently.

You save time

The recruitment process can be time-consuming, especially if you don’t have a dedicated HR team. Using a recruitment agency can free up your time to focus on running your business.

You get expert advice

Recruitment agencies are experts in their field. They can advise you on everything from writing job descriptions to conducting interviews, and they can take care of payroll and other administrative tasks.

You reduce your risk of making a bad hire

The recruitment process is complex, and it’s easy to make a bad hire if you’re not careful. Using a recruitment agency can reduce your risk of making a bad hire and ending up with an employee who is the right fit for your company.

When it comes to finding new employees, Greys Recruitment Agency is a reliable option for companies in Cape Town and the Western Cape. We have a specialised staff here to assist you in your search for top-tier employees who will contribute to the growth and success of your business.

What Do Recruitment Agencies Look for in Candidates?

There are many qualities that recruitment agencies look for in potential candidates, including:

The ability to communicate effectively

Communication is critical now, with more companies transitioning to remote work and digital communication. Greys is interested in seeing evidence that candidates can convey their ideas clearly and effectively with their team.

The ability to work efficiently

Those interested in working for Greys should be able to do both individually and in a team. Candidates should be able to adapt to the company culture and be comfortable working in diverse environments.

The ability to think critically

Greys is impressed by candidates who can demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills. We want to know that you can solve problems in a timely, resourceful, and systematic manner.

If you have these qualities, Greys Recruitment Agency would love to hear from you. Job seekers can submit their CVs to Greys or search for our latest jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do recruitment agencies in Cape Town charge candidates?

Candidates are not charged for the recruitment services of most Cape Town agencies. The employer usually covers the expenses. On the other hand, some specialised recruiters may ask for a fee from the candidate, although this is quite rare.

How much do Cape Town recruitment agencies charge employers?

Recruitment agencies in Cape Town typically charge a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary they place in a role.

Will an agency offer a rebate if the candidate quits?

No, most recruitment agencies in Cape Town will not offer a rebate if the candidate quits. The fee charged by an agency is for their services in recruiting and placing the candidate.

Why do Cape Town employers use recruitment agencies?

There are many reasons why employers in Cape Town use recruitment agencies, including:

  • They don’t have the time to recruit on their own
  • They want to tap into a larger pool of candidates
  • They want expert advice on the recruitment process
  • They want to reduce their risk of making a bad hire

Ultimately, every employer wants their employees to be a good fit for the position, with the skills and experience that match their needs. Companies in Cape Town and the Western Cape region are no exception to this fact, and Greys Recruitment Agency is positioned to help with this goal.

Contact us to fill all job openings in Cape Town and nationwide. We are ready to support your company with all its recruitment needs and help you find the ideal temporary or permanent employees as needed.

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