White-Collar Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Agency in Durban.

Greys Recruitment Agency South Africa

Rooted firmly in the solid foundation of the Measured Ability Group of Companies, Greys Recruitment has been trusted as an industry leader in the permanent recruitment sector for over 40 years.

40 years recruiting across the employment spectrum both nationally and internationally; earning Greys Recruitment a reputation as Durban’s leading Recruitment Agency.

Sourcing the best candidates online through the implementation of cutting-edge digital channels, SEO practices and Push & Retrieval Technology.

Cultivating long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike, obtaining the closest fit between organisation and employee with every placement. 

Fostering a vast pool of middle and executive management candidates in Durban ensures that only the most suitable professionals are considered.

A preferred staffing supplier of blue-chip corporates across KwaZulu-Natal, specialising in white-collar permanent and temporary recruitment.

Exponential growth over four decades owing to a cross-border team of consultants at the forefront of the industry.

In excess of 12 000 worldwide payroll transactions administered monthly by our in-house specialists.

An extensive network of regional offices empower us to operate with unmatched efficiency both nationally and internationally.

Durban Office:

3rd Floor, Island Circle Block,
22 Island Circle,
Riverhorse Valley Business Estate,

Phone: 031 312 6453

[email protected]

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What is a CV?

A curriculum vitae, often shortened as CV, is Latin for ‘Course of Life’. A CV details a few important personal particulars, educational and skills details and information about the work history of a person such as the organisation where he/she worked, the role he/she filled, the duration of time worked there and a summary of the responsibilities whilst in that role. It may also contain contact details for references.

Do I have the right to confidentiality at work?

You do, but to a certain degree. Employees working on company owned equipment must understand that this is not their property and is subject to review at any stage. Every person has a right to privacy in terms of Section 14 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa No 108 of 1996, which includes the right not to have their person or home searched; their property searched, their possessions seized or the privacy of their communications infringed. However, the right to privacy is subject to limitations and that such limitation may be exercised within the parameters of the workplace. Organisations will have policies in place that specifically deal with privacy and confidentiality. Employees have a right to the protection of their personal information which is governed by the POPI Act.

Is my employer obliged to give me health care?

No. An employer is not obliged to pay for private health care for their employees. This is not specified in the Basic Conditions of Employment, however, some Bargaining Councils for certain industries have collective agreements for their industry that includes some health care benefit for employees. In this instance usually the employee and employer contribute an amount monthly.

What are Human Resources?

The people that work in an organisation which are regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities. The Human Resources Manager in an organisation will be tasked with managing all employment related aspects. This function can be outsourced.

What is vetting?

The process of investigating a candidate thoroughly, especially in order to ensure that they are suitable for a specific job function.

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