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Providing Outsourced HR & IR Solutions for over 40 years

Rooted firmly in the solid foundation of the Measured Ability Group of Companies, MASA Specialist Human Resources and Industrial Relations Divisions have been trusted as industry leaders within the staffing sector for over 40 years

  • Four decades providing comprehensive outsourced Industrial Relations and Human Resources Solutions to multinational blue-chip corporates across a wide range of industries

  • Expert team of Human Resources Specialists, servicing over 200 blue-chip entities

  • In house management of 12 000 unique payroll transactions monthly

  • Complete HR service from strategy to payroll & all HR processes

  • Managing collective bargaining, trade union liaison, strike management, disciplinaries & CCMA representation

  • Create a tailored approach, designed and managed by market leading HR & IR experts, using the best people to develop the optimum outcome, no matter the complexity or size of the task

  • Structuring our services to ensure maximum Return on Investment as your trusted HR Solution Provider

An extensive network of regional offices empower us to operate with unmatched efficiency both nationally and internationally.

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Trusted Human Resources Services and Industrial Relations Solutions in Port Elizabeth

MASA is a trusted partner providing specialised human resources services and industrial relations solutions in Port Elizabeth. Whatever business, organisation or industry you are in, our HR and IR services will offer a seamless, consistent, and compliant solution.

MASA allows you to concentrate on what you do best by providing tailored and bespoke human resources and industrial relations solutions, from HR strategy and payroll to all relevant industrial relations issues.

Human Resources & Industrial Relations Solutions in Port Elizabeth

South Africa’s Eastern Cape is home to the vibrant city of Port Elizabeth. It has many businesses and industries, a thriving business landscape, and a productive labour industry.

With such a diverse range of stakeholders in this region’s economy, it is no surprise that there is a high demand for human resources and industrial relations solutions. MASA provides these solutions to businesses in Port Elizabeth through an extensive regional network and knowledge base. 

Our HR and IR specialists possess detailed knowledge of national, provincial and local labour legislation, allowing them to counsel on the implications for a specific business or industry within the region. Contact MASA to understand how we can best help you and your business. 

How is HR different from Industrial Relations?

Human resources (HR) and industrial relations (IR) are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different areas of business.

HR is concerned with the management of employees within an organisation. In contrast, IR is concerned with the relations between employers and employees and negotiating wages and conditions.

At MASA, we specialise in both HR and IR solutions, so whatever your needs may be, we can help your company achieve its human resources and industrial relations objectives.

A Definition of Human Resources

Human resources (HR) refers to an organisation’s handling of staff. Human resources cover a broad range of tasks, from sourcing, hiring, and managing employees to facilitating their professional growth and administering payroll and other administrative duties.

MASA also provides HR Solutions in other major regions nationwide:

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The Key Elements of HR Services

The main elements of human resources services are diverse and focused on developing and fulfilling human capital, or employees, who are the centre of any company’s business. 

MASA’s HR solutions can assist in developing strategies and plans, improving the organisation and engagement of their employees through training and development, managing change processes, helping with grievances, and providing a framework for conflict management. We also handle the following:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Payroll and benefits administration

At the same time, human resource management aims to foster an environment where employees can fulfil their potential and cooperate towards successfully achieving company objectives. 

MASA aims to help organisations in Port Elizabeth achieve this and more by providing human resources solutions geared towards improving business performance, enhancing productivity, and achieving strategic goals.

Why are MASA’s Port Elizabeth HR Solutions the best?

MASA’s human resources professionals are Port Elizabeth-based industry veterans committed to providing the city’s businesses with cutting-edge HR services. Our human resources services have a history of improving our client’s bottom lines and propelling their organisations to new heights of success.

Some of the reasons why MASA is the best choice for HR solutions in Port Elizabeth include the following:

  • Our human resources staff is highly skilled and experienced in all areas of the field.
  • We provide a wide variety of human resources services that we can adapt to meet your company’s unique requirements.
  • Our HR services have a history of success and have helped our clients’ businesses grow.

If you’re looking for Port Elizabeth’s best human resources solutions, look no further than MASA.

Why You Should Outsource HR

Outsourcing human resources to MASA offers many benefits for businesses in Port Elizabeth. By entrusting your HR requirements to us, you can: 

  • Build a workforce that supports your business goals
  • Work with consultants who have the expertise you need
  • Stop worrying about recruiting on a part-time or full-time basis
  • Improve employee morale and engagement
  • Reduce recruitment, training, and onboarding costs
  • Minimise the risk of having inadequate employees to run your business

Hiring MASA to handle HR tasks will free you up to concentrate on running the business and maximise its profitability. Connect with the leading human resources specialists in Port Elizabeth to ensure that your business has an effective and productive HR solution. 

A Definition of Industrial Relations

Industrial relations refer to the relationship between employers and employees. Labour laws and collective bargaining agreements typically govern this relationship and create an environment conducive to work, thereby protecting the rights and interests of workers as well as enhancing economic growth.

The main aim of industrial relations is to promote harmony between employers and employees. IR specialists can achieve this by negotiating wages, working hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.

MASA also provide IR Solutions in other major regions nationwide:

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What Do IR Services Entail?

Industrial relations services typically involve the following activities:

  • Collective bargaining – Negotiating and agreeing on wages, working hours, and other terms and conditions of employment with employees and their representatives.
  • Labour law compliance – Ensuring an organisation complies with all relevant labour laws and regulations.
  • Dispute resolution – Handling and resolving disputes between employers and employees.

What Distinguished MASA’s IR Solutions in Port Elizabeth?

Some of the advantages that distinguish MASA’s industrial relations solutions in Port Elizabeth from others in the region are as follows:

  • Our IR staff is comprised of knowledgeable and seasoned experts in the field.
  • We are always up-to-date with the latest labour law and relevant regulations to better serve our clients 
  • We are skilled and experienced at handling both internal and external disputes and risk mitigation

At MASA, we are experts in the industrial relations field, and we understand how to provide efficient and practical counsel to help our clients address their specific issues. 

Our team will do everything possible to settle disputes and promote industrial harmony within the organisation, always keeping our clients’ best interests at heart. You can contact us to discuss potential solutions to your issues or develop preventative measures to avert the problems from arising in the first place.

The Benefits of Outsourced IR Services

Outsourcing your industrial relations services can be beneficial in many ways. For example:

  • You can save money and make efficient use of resources
  • We can carry the burden associated with IR so that you can focus on running your business.
  • You can rest easy knowing that your company follows all applicable labour regulations.
  • Our staff consists of knowledgeable and skilled IR experts who can support your business.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further inquiries about MASA’s human resource and industrial relations solutions in Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape province. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our HR and IR services.

Frequently Asked Questions (HR)

What are the top HR strategies?

The top HR strategies will vary from business to business in Port Elizabeth and depend on several factors, such as the organisation’s size, the industry, and culture. However, some of the most effective HR strategies include talent management, employee engagement, and performance management.

What are the functions and duties of HR specialists?

The primary functions and duties of human resources specialists in Port Elizabeth are to ensure that an organisation has the most qualified workforce with the right skills and knowledge to do their jobs. 

To achieve this, HR typically carries out activities such as recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, employee relations, and payroll and benefits administration.

What are the fundamentals of an HR plan?

The fundamental aspects of an HR plan vary depending on the organisation and the business’s specific needs. However, some critical elements that companies in Port Elizabeth should include in an HR plan are a description of the organisation’s workforce, HR objectives and strategies, and a budget.

How can you develop better HR practices?

There are multiple ways in which you can develop better human resources practices in your business in Port Elizabeth, including:

  • Researching and understanding the most effective HR strategies
  • Hiring HR experts who are qualified and experienced
  • Investing in HR technologies
  • Streamlining HR processes

Frequently Asked Questions (IR)

What are the functions and duties of an IR specialist?

An industrial relations specialist’s leading functions and duties are to promote harmony between employers, employees, and external stakeholders. MASA IR specialists can achieve this by advising employers on best workplace policies and procedures practices, identifying potential threats to industrial relations, and handling them before they become a problem. 

What issues do industrial relations cover?

The main issues that industrial relations covers include:

  • Resolving disputes
  • Managing workplace injuries and safety issues
  • Improving industrial efficiency
  • Dealing with social aspects in the workplace
  • Identifying management requirements for workers

What are the types of industrial relations?

There are two main types of industrial relations: collective bargaining and dispute resolution. The most significant one is collective bargaining, in which negotiations over conditions of employment are made at the national, regional and industry levels between employers, unions and workers.

Who are the main parties in industrial relations?

The three main parties in industrial relations are employers, employees, and representatives.

How can organisations develop better industrial relations?

The following are some ways in which businesses in Port Elizabeth can improve their relations with their employees: 

  • Ensuring compliance with labour laws
  • Improving communication between employers and employees
  • Swiftly and effectively resolving disputes when they arise

Both industrial relations and human resources require knowledge of a wide range of laws and practices that affect labour-management relations, internally and externally. 

Companies implementing MASA’s human resources and industrial relations solutions in Port Elizabeth can reduce the cost and risk of managing employees and working with unions while gaining visibility into the employees, management, health and safety, financial, and other points to ensure regulatory compliance.

Contact MASA to begin consulting about your needs and create specialised HR and IR solutions that give your organisation a competitive edge.

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