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Rooted firmly in the solid foundation of the Measured Ability Group of Companies, Greys Recruitment has been trusted as an industry leader in the permanent recruitment sector for over 40 years.

40 years recruiting across the employment spectrum both nationally and internationally; earning Greys Recruitment a reputation as Port Elizabeth’s leading Recruitment Agency.

Sourcing the best candidates online through the implementation of cutting-edge digital channels, SEO practices and Push & Retrieval Technology.

Cultivating long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike, obtaining the closest fit between organisation and employee with every placement.

Fostering a vast pool of middle and executive management candidates in Port Elizabeth ensures that only the most suitable professionals are considered. 

A preferred staffing supplier of blue-chip corporates across the Eastern Cape, specialising in white-collar permanent and temporary recruitment.

Exponential growth over four decades owing to a cross-border team of consultants at the forefront of the industry.

In excess of 12 000 worldwide payroll transactions administered monthly by our in-house specialists.

An extensive network of regional offices empower us to operate with unmatched efficiency both nationally and internationally.

Port Elizabeth Office:

Upper Floor,
1 Caithness Road,
Port Elizabeth,

[email protected]

041 1100023

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Will a temporary employment service do a credit check?

 Yes they may

Will a temporary employment service do a criminal check?

Yes they may

Will my business suffer if my staff strike?

A strike has the potential to become devastating to an organisation if not managed properly. However, with the advice of experts in the field, it is possible to mitigate the damage to your bottom line. This is one of the advantages of using a reputable labour broker or temporary employment service.

 What are the sick leave laws in South Africa?

 Sick leave works in a three-year cycle. An employee may take one day’s sick leave for every 26 days worked during the first six months of employment and thereafter an employee may take the number of days he/she normally works in six weeks during every three year cycle. This works out to 30 days in a three year cycle.

Am I allowed to take sick leave?

 You are entitled to take sick leave if you are sick and unable to work and as long as you have not exhausted your sick leave entitlements. If you are sick for more than a day or on a Monday or Friday, or a day before or after a public holiday or more than twice in an eight week period then you will have to provide your employer with a medical certificate to be able to be paid for the sick leave.

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