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Leading Staffing Solutions in Durban

MASA is Durban’s go-to staffing agency for businesses seeking qualified candidates. Durban-based companies can hire the best talent through our extensive network of candidates and offices in the KwaZulu-Natal region.

We are industry experts with an extensive background in the recruitment sector, providing our clients with high-quality staffing solutions in Durban.

A leading staffing agency

MASA provides permanent recruitment, contract staffing, and ad hoc staffing solutions for your business’s unique requirements.

Our staffing options are adaptable to your business’s needs and can be tailored to handle your requirements and specifications at every level.

Durban-based staffing services

MASA has cost-effective staffing services for a diverse range of companies, whether you’re a startup with a shoestring budget or a well-established company with specific hiring needs.

When you work with MASA, we’ll get to know your company inside and out so we can tailor our services to meet your needs. One of our top priorities is ensuring you always get the most out of our staffing services and receive the maximum value from our partnership.

Our comprehensive array of services includes:

  • Temporary and permanent staffing
  • Labour broking
  • Contract Staffing
  • Bulk staffing
  • Contingency staffing
  • Skills development and training solutions
  • HR and industrial relations consulting for businesses of all sizes
  • Payroll and administration management

The advantages of MASA’s Staffing Services

Outsourcing principles

Our staffing solutions are based on the principle of outsourcing. Rather than recruiting an employee directly, your company can outsource this role and its responsibilities to MASA.

Quality candidates

Our services are second to none, and we only present the most qualified candidates to our customers. Every prospective worker undergoes extensive screening to guarantee they are legally eligible to work and fit the company’s culture well.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs every candidate we send to work for you to ensure they live up to your expectations. We can handle the training and onboarding process, which means new hires can hit the ground running and be helpful from day one.

Flexible solutions

Our staffing outsourcing solutions are incredibly adaptable. It’s entirely up to you whether or not to outsource a whole team of employees or just specific job functions. Due to this flexibility, your business only pays for the needed employees at any time, so overhead costs and HR administration won’t be a concern.

On-demand service

We can find someone with all the necessary qualifications and experience quickly thanks to our “ready-to-work” candidates. Depending on your needs, we can assign these candidates to work at your company on a temporary, contract, or permanent basis.

Compliance and risk mitigation

We will gladly handle all your human resources and labour relations requirements, including payroll administration and background checks to ensure every applicant complies with applicable labour laws and regulations.

This means you don’t have to worry about doing any legwork because our team takes care of all recruitment procedures and administrative duties.

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The Benefits of outsourced services

There are many benefits to outsourcing your staffing requirements to MASA Staffing Solutions:

  • We can find the ideal candidate for your open position with our extensive network of qualified professionals.
  • Our team has extensive experience in the recruitment industry, so we know how to find the best talent for your company.
  • We provide a full range of outsourced staffing solutions, allowing you to create a solution that suits your company’s requirements.
  • Thanks to our flexible solutions, you only pay for the staffing services you require at any given time.
  • Our candidates are prepared to start working immediately; they are readily available on short notice.
  • You don’t have to worry about administrative or human resources work because we handle everything.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our services; we offer full guarantees with every candidate we place at your business and will replace them if they fail to meet your expectations.

Why Durban-based staffing services?

Durban is an excellent place for MASA Staffing Solutions to build candidate networks because of the abundance of qualified workers in the area.

Our in-depth candidate pool lets us quickly locate ideal candidates with all the qualifications for the job.

This means that you can put your trust in our team and stop worrying about tracking down qualified professionals on your own.

Real staffing experience

Our staffing solutions are based on years of experience in the recruitment industry. We have a team of experts dedicated to advancing MASA’s mission as a leading staffing agency in Durban and beyond.

Every client and company we work with can benefit from MASA’s extensive expertise and commitment to providing the industry’s best staffing services.

Get in touch with MASA

MASA’s staffing solutions come with a robust list of features. We can handle everything from SEO-driven job postings, candidate interviews, skill assessments, and background checks to the more traditional aspects of contract hiring and payroll administration.

Each candidate we place with your company is fully guaranteed, and we will replace them at no cost to you if they do not meet your expectations.

So if you have a business in Durban and require staffing solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today so we can discuss your needs.


Frequently asked questions

Why should companies in Durban choose MASA?

Businesses in Durban face unique staffing challenges that require regional knowledge, networks and expertise to overcome. We know the ins and outs of the Durban economy and what local companies need to thrive in this business environment.

What staffing solutions does MASA offer in Durban?

Temporary and permanent staffing solutions, contract staffing, labour broking, bulk staffing, contingency staffing, human resources and internal relations consulting for companies of all sizes, management of payroll and administrative tasks, and training and development services are all part of MASA’s roster of services.

Are MASA’s staffing solutions flexible?

We can tailor our Staffing’s Durban business solutions to your company’s requirements. Without worrying about fixed costs or HR paperwork, you’ll pay only for the number of employees at work at any given time.

When I use MASA’s staffing solutions in Durban, will holidays and sick leave affect my business?

We have many qualified candidates in Durban available to fill in for workers on vacation or sick days, so your business won’t be interrupted in such situations.

How quick is MASA’s time-to-hire?

We are confident that we can find the ideal candidate for your Durban business within a few days. Our diligent team in Durban handles all the required paperwork to ensure that your business can hire and onboard staff as quickly as possible.

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