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Measured Ability finds work for all kinds of people, from top level management to general workers on a factory floor. In order for us to get your CV to the right person, please click on the button for either skilled or unskilled below.

By this we mean general workers, packers, pickers, cleaners, drivers. Or unexperienced and new to the labour market. Your CV will be handed over to our Temporary Employment Services division. This division would mainly provide temporary or seasonal placements, but these can sometimes lead to a permanent position.

This option is for people with skills and experience in a particular area. Your CV will be uploaded into our database where it can be searched for by our recruitment consultants when vacancies come in from our clients. Please don’t upload your CV here if you have little to no skills or experience as it is highly unlikely your CV will come up in a search when we are looking for a particular skill or job title. We have hundreds of thousands of CVs in our database and we get more every day. Unfortunately we don’t usually find permanent jobs for candidates with no experience.

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To search through our available vacancies, please click on the button below.

Please note that we do not advertise all of our vacancies, especially the temporary general ones. So the best thing to do is to send us your CV to ensure that when we have a suitable vacancy for you, that we have your details.

Even if there is nothing suitable for your skills right now, we might get the perfect vacancy for you next week. If we don’t have your CV then you will never come up in our searches when we are looking for candidates. So before you go searching through our available vacancies, you should send us your CV.

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