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Top Staffing Solutions in Cape Town

When working with businesses in South Africa, MASA Staffing Solutions is the go-to staffing agency. Since MASA has a significant presence in Cape Town, companies in the city and the Western Cape region are well-positioned to benefit from our outsourced staffing expertise.

Regional experts

As the administrative and economic capital of the Western Cape, Cape Town has a diversified economy driven by its three biggest sectors:

  • Finance, insurance, property and business services
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodation

MASA is the go-to agency for staffing solutions in Cape Town. Our solutions are customised to meet your company’s specifications.

Outsourcing edge

Our regional team excels at assisting Cape Town-based companies in finding suitable candidates who are a good fit for their company.

MASA also provides a competitive advantage to businesses by delivering staffing solutions ranging from temporary and contract staffing to permanent placements.

MASA’s staffing solutions in Cape Town

  • Temporary staffing solutions: MASA can provide you with short-term or long-term staffing solutions to fill any gaps in your workforce.
  • Permanent staffing solutions: MASA can assist you in hiring qualified candidates for your permanent staffing needs.
  • Labour brokerage: MASA is a top labour broker that can provide you with the best staffing solutions at an optimal price
  • Human resources and industrial relations: MASA provides specialist HR and IR solutions to assist you in managing your staffing requirements.
  • Recruitment: MASA provides a complete recruitment service, from candidate sourcing to interviewing and final selection.
  • Bulk Staffing: MASA has ample staff available for short-term or long-term projects.
  • Contingency Staffing – MASA offers a temporary staffing service to meet your needs if you have an unexpected surge in work.

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Benefits of MASA’s staffing solutions

There are many reasons to partner with MASA, but here are a few of the most compelling:

Industry Expertise

Our years of experience in the staffing industry have taught us how to identify top talent and place them with the most suitable companies.

Local Knowledge

The city of Cape Town is a hive of activity company’s can tap into an abundance of possibilities. MASA is familiar with the area and knows how to help businesses thrive.

Scalable Solutions

When using MASA’s staffing solutions, you can easily adjust the number of workers to meet your needs.


As a labour broker, MASA helps you get the most out of your staffing budget while providing excellent service at low rates.

Unmatched Flexibility

Our team is adaptable and able to meet your shifting staffing needs. Each of our clients’ staffing solutions is individualised to their specific situation.

Stability and Continuity

When you work with MASA, you can count on receiving the same high-quality service throughout the year. Thanks to the availability of a large pool of potential replacements, your company can overcome the impact of staff vacation and sick days.

The Optimum Solution

Our recruitment services are focused on assisting you in locating qualified candidates and resolving any issues you may be experiencing with your current workforce.

MASA’s staffing services provide excellent value for money and help businesses find the most qualified candidates for open positions. No longer will your company worry about staffing issues, as MASA can offer you the best solution for your business’s requirements.

Expert Staffing

MASA is a staffing industry specialist ready to help you find the best candidates and build a strong team for your company.

Using MASA’s staffing services means finding the most qualified candidates for open positions and developing a workforce of highly productive, satisfied workers.

Efficient Staffing Process

MASA has a streamlined hiring procedure that makes it easy to fill open positions quickly. You can promptly hire new workers ready to deliver value to your company.

MASA handles all necessary paperwork instead of delaying the implementation of the staffing solution.

Reliable Service

If you’re looking for a reliable staffing solution for your business, MASA is your labour broker and staffing agency.

Our agency has a solid reputation in South African business for its high-quality staffing services.

Wide Network

MASA has a large pool of potential candidates and business allies from which to choose, guaranteeing that we can fill your open position with the best possible individual.

Our offices across the country allow us to serve clients anywhere they may be.

A staffing solution that works for you

MASA recognises the importance of finding candidates who are a good fit for each position. That is why, before we begin, we take the time to learn about your company and determine what you require from a staffing solution.

Using MASA’s staffing solutions, you can ensure that every employee adds value to your company and helps it grow. MASA is an excellent choice if you are looking for a staffing solution that will work for your company. We have a wide range of staffing solutions, and we are confident that one will meet your requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about MASA’s staffing services in Cape Town and how they can help your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose MASA Staffing Solutions company in Cape Town?

Because of our in-depth familiarity with the local market and the requirements of successful businesses in Cape Town, we can provide customised staffing solutions that will help solve the unique challenges faced by your company.

What staffing solutions does MASA provide in Cape Town?

Temporary staffing, permanent placement, labour brokering, human resources and industrial relations, recruitment, bulk staffing, and contingency staffing are just a few of MASA’s staffing solutions.

Can I adjust the number of employees I need to run my business when partnering with MASA?

Our Cape Town staffing solutions are flexible and can grow or downsize with your business.

How will the holiday season affect my company when utilising MASA’s Cape Town staffing services?

MASA ensures coverage during vacations and absences by keeping a pool of qualified applicants on hand.

How quickly will MASA find qualified candidates for positions in my company?

MASA takes great pride in delivering the most qualified candidate to Cape Town companies that have requested our staffing services within a matter of days. Our efficient team handles all the necessary paperwork to get your business up and running as soon as possible with the best staffing solution.

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