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MASA’s outsourced payroll service is a complete workforce solution ensuring compliance with the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. All payroll related aspects are managed monthly by our in-house payroll specialists.

Outsourced payroll is a popular and cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes looking to boost their revenue and ensure continuous payroll accuracy.

MASA Group is a world leader in providing end-to-end workforce solutions to a number of industry verticals.

Our payroll services add a competitive edge to our employment agency services by taking care of all your business payroll needs:

  • Complete Payroll Administration
  • Monitoring and data capturing of absenteeism and leave
  • Monthly leave and absenteeism reports
  • Electronic transfer of salaries and wages to employees
  • Preparation, print and delivery of payslips
  • Customised payroll reports for your business
  • Statutory compliance assurance by monthly preparation of the monthly Payroll taxes:

    Federal income tax; Superannuation; Fringe benefits tax; Medicare, Union, bargaining council, garnishee and pension/provident fund deductions and payment to relevant governing bodies

  • Assistance with all payroll related queries

Unlocking Business Growth


Our successful methods for success below are what sets MASA’s payroll services apart:

  • User-friendliness

    Our payroll system is easy to use for payroll administrators and employees

  • Unique flexibility

    Our payroll processing provides flexible solutions for small start-up businesses to corporate giants across all industries.

  • Service passion

    Our payroll experts never compromise on the high level of customer service we offer our clients and their employees with hands-on specialist support and fast query resolutions.

  • Return on Investment:

    Our competitive pricing structure offer irresistible payroll solutions providing our clients with high rates of ROI.

  • Legal and statutory compliance:

    Our expert team ensure our clients’ payroll remain in continuous compliance with all relevant Australian payroll legal requirements and regulations.

  • International confidence:

    Years of experience in administering payrolls for companies across different industries in Australia and globally makes MASA a preferred payroll service provider.

Why outsource Payroll Services?

By partnering with a payroll outsourcing service like MASA, payroll issues are eliminated and business continuity thrives. Some of the payroll solutions MASA provide are discussed below:

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Failure to lodge (FTL) penalties for late payroll processing is a major concern for most companies. Penalty tax payable to the ATO for the late processing of payroll is based on entity size. The larger the business, the higher the penalty if payroll is not processed in time.

These penalties add up to substantial annual amounts for companies relying on in-house payroll processing. Businesses operating from multiple sites across different states are liable for the correct management of federal level and state level payroll taxes.

An outsourced payroll service instantly removes the pressure that comes with payroll processing, reporting and payments by taking full responsibility of the correct and timeous execution of the payroll function.

Business industry classification is extremely important as compliance activities varies across industries. As your business changes or grows, the Business Industry Code (BIC) used on your payroll tax return should be monitored to diminish the risk of your business being incorrectly targeted for incorrect industry compliance fees and activities.

By being classified incorrectly, your business may also be losing out on resources and services offered to boost business growth in your industry.

An ongoing responsibility of a payroll service provider is ensuring that your business is maximising the benefits of being classified in the correct business industry.

The ATO has started applying penalties to companies having not yet implemented the Single Touch Payroll STP initiative. All business, industry and employer type concessions have expired in 2021.

As a registered payroll service provider, MASA uses Single Touch Payroll (STP) enabled software for payroll reports. Our expert team has easily managed the migration process to STP enabled payroll software for all our clients and handle all STP reporting on behalf of our clients flawlessly.

Successful management of the Superannuation program within the payroll process requires continuous monitoring. Employers are obligated to comply with all legal duties and responsibilities as per the Superannuation Guarantee legislation.

MASA handles the entire Superannuation process on behalf of our clients. From nominating the best super fund for your business type and industry to the ongoing monthly reporting process. All communication with the default super fund and employee super queries, statements and super playouts together with recordkeeping are managed by our payroll administrators.

Our team continuously stay abreast of the different legal regulations related to superannuation ensuring our clients’ compliance with the SG legislation and their employees’ satisfaction when superannuation payments are paid flawlessly.

Employer reporting guidelines in the STP reporting requirements demand correct employee type classification. Employees receive different entitlements based on their type of employment and industry. Keeping track of and ensuring that all employees are classified correctly according to the Fairwork Ombudsman regulations is an ongoing legal responsibility that can have dire legal and financial consequences for a business if not implemented and monitored correctly.

The legal responsibility of Employee Classification is one of the foundations of successful payroll processing. Most Australian businesses, especially those affected by Australia’s job market boom, employ different types of employees to ensure business continuity.

MASA’s expert team has extensive knowledge and experience in implementing and monitoring the classification of different types of employees within the payroll process. The different types of employees according to The Fairwork Ombudsman framework are:

• Full-time
• Part-time
• Casual
• Fixed term
• Daily and weekly hire
• Probation
• Apprentices and Trainees
• Employees with disability

Using a dedicated payroll service provider eliminates the stresses caused by relying on in-house knowledge to ensure that the payroll is continually processed correctly and on time, with the vital benefit of remaining compliant with all legal requirements.

One of the multiple advantages your company will gain when partnering with a specialist payroll provider is the capacity for economic growth. Entrusting the payroll function to an outsourced payroll specialist allows the company to confidently employ different job roles across various fields of specialisations and in any employee classification suited to the immediate job requirement.

Business cash flow and company morale are two great factors impacted by payroll processing. Unfortunately, due to human error and other issues, companies running in-house payroll departments are continuously at risk of the rippling effects of payroll mistakes.

Our team of skilled, highly qualified personnel are among the best in their field and can craft a payroll service solution to suit your company’s unique requirements. We are passionate about partnering with businesses in achieving their greatest potential.
MASA’s employment experts are ready to advise you on the best payroll service solution for your unique business and industry. Contact us today to find out more.

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