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Measured Ability Staffing Australia has been specialising in both temporary hire and direct hire job placements in the blue and white-collar labour hire industry to multinational corporate customers for over four decades.

MASA Payroll Services administers over 16,000 global payroll transactions monthly by our in-house specialists to meet each client’s needs.


Sectors of Specialisation

  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • FMCG – Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Shipping & Maritime
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics

An International All Round Staffing Solutions Group


MASA is known for their commitment in maintaining a high level of quality service and customer care to both the employing client and the candidate.

Our state-of-the-art database stays updated with vetted and qualified job candidates who are always looking for the right job.
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Our recruiting experts at MASA know that entrusting your employment needs to a recruitment agency is an enormous business decision to commit to. Most companies are of the view that they can manage the recruitment process internally, not realising the analytical science of this intricate endeavour – this misunderstanding often results in exceedingly high costs to the company in time and money wasted. The time and effort spent often result in a delayed and roundabout way of reaching out to a recruitment agency for help.

When your company is ready to take candidate sourcing to the next level, you want to partner with a specialist recruiting team who understands both your business operation needs and provide your business with a significant return on investment in the recruiting process.

Having mastered the concept of being a value adding supplier of high-quality staffing solutions, is what gives MASA the competitive edge in the recruitment industry – we understand the labour needs from the small start-up companies to the multinational giants in the corporate world and everything in between.

So, what gives MASA that competitive edge in the international employment industry?

Some of the key factors that sets us apart are discussed below:

The advantage of providing knowledge and guidance to our clients when it comes to recruiting for any specific industry is invaluable. MASA’s clients include both small and large businesses in different industry sectors. We truly understand and constantly monitor the intricacies of different industries’ business operations, economic trends, technology updates, unique equipment, production phases, safety protocols, regulations and best practices.

Our diverse team of recruitment consultants have extensive experience in crafting unique employment solutions across multiple industries. We are 100% confident in sourcing your ideal temporary casual worker or permanent direct hire candidate in any industry.

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It’s no secret that the resources at stake are huge when starting the employment process to hire the right talent. The entire process from advertising, finding the right candidates, the sifting and interviewing process to the eventual selection and final choice of the contractor can be a long and tedious process for a company’s human resources department.

The recruiting skills and experience gained from partnering with a recruitment agency like MASA provides an instant simplification of the recruiting process. Handing the recruiting responsibility over to the experts makes perfect business sense. The pressure is on the staffing consultants to find the best contractor to place in your organisation in the least amount of time – don’t forget that this is our game and our reputation in providing our clients with the best customer service throughout the recruitment process is our ultimate driving factor.

Our goal is to enable the company to focus on their core business activities and eliminate the interruption in business that can be caused by inefficient staffing processes.

The golden thread among our employment solutions experts at MASA is our commitment to quality recruitment and client satisfaction throughout the entire hiring process. Part of our secret to maintaining success is the awareness of every candidate’s experience and perception. Professional guidance and support are offered to each individual job applicant from initial contact to the screening process, during the job interview and offer process, up to the introduction of the new employee to the organisation.

Our recruitment agency consultants place great emphasis on considering every candidate’s career goal during the interview process and we believe that this is has been the magic ingredient in guaranteeing a successful employment result for both the employing client and the placed contractor. The contractor’s career development is ensured through this vital step in the job recruitment process.

MASA’s team is proud to say that we have successfully merged the essential human experience with the rapidly evolving digital environment to consistently source top quality candidates.

Our modernized sourcing and selection processes have resulted in a consistent rhythm of fast effective hiring and a high ROI for our clients.

MASA’s innovative software and technology includes the highest level of SEO expertise, an intelligent online matching system to identify the best candidates for your company, as well as all the latest updates on cyber security and privacy laws.

By partnering with a recruitment agency like MASA in your recruiting efforts, your business won’t have to carry the burden of data safekeeping and legal compliance related to job placements.

It makes all the difference when your employment partner understands the importance of balancing digital technology with human efforts in today’s competitive business world.

MASA’s rich history of providing high-quality personnel to a variety of industries has grown with the times – online recruiting solutions is the way of the future and our successful online recruiting techniques speaks of our sustained commitment to quality of service to our clients.
Dedicated digital recruiters and a super-efficient marketing team considers different online marketing channels in our job advertising and stay ahead of the game with audience targeting.

Professionally designed job adverts are strategically placed on different job board sites and social media marketing channels to create maximum awareness for candidates to apply for current job vacancies.

Since our website is easily found by candidates due to our consistent high organic ranking on search engines, we attract a large pool of top-quality candidates unswervingly. Our highly efficient Search Engine Optimisation specialists continuously monitor MASA’s rank on search engines ensuring maximum efficiency in our online recruiting marketing strategies.

Our pledge to continuously innovating our online recruiting processes in line with the everchanging digital world to source the best candidates in the fastest time has been an irreplaceable building block in our client satisfaction rate.

In addition to being a recruitment agency specialising in casual contractors and permanent employment, we offer a payroll service solution. The payroll service is a fully outsourced solution, where all aspects related to payroll are managed monthly by our in-house payroll specialists. We currently oversee and manage more than 16,000 payroll transactions and ensure compliance with labour laws.

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We pride ourselves in being job matching experts… there is so much more to the job matching process than just matching a CV with a job spec: finding a good job match once or twice doesn’t necessarily mean the placement was successful. The REAL question is – quality of hire? The contractor may be eager to start their new job and only a few days in, when both the hiring manager and the new contractor realise that the skills and experience promised on paper and in the job interview, doesn’t REALLY match the job specification, duties and on-the-job-skills.

Candidate personalities and company culture can easily be mismatched if not presented correctly during the interview phase. This all relates back to the Job Matching Process.

MASA’s employment process is started with an in-depth needs analysis of our employing client’s workforce needs.
Doing a job needs analysis is a rigorous process our recruitment agency uses to gather all the necessary information about the required skills, qualifications, experience, emotional attributes and mental capabilities for an individual to perform the job. Next, we gather a thorough understanding of the duties, responsibilities and work environment.

A lot of energy is spent on arriving at a detailed job specification in order to offer our clients the best talent that meets their expectations.
We aim to identify individuals who will add value to the client’s business by matching their abilities and aspirations with the employer’s culture and values. MASA’s ultimate role is to identify, attract, select and retain the best talent to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Part of our service includes assisting our clients with crafting their unique EVP. In short, an employee value proposition is a combination of your employer brand and all the distinctive physical and nonphysical benefits that will be enjoyed by the successful job applicant who joins your team. By communicating the unique experience your employees enjoy in return for their experience skills and long-term commitment to your company – our recruitment agency is a vital step closer to matching the best contractor with the job.

An honest and powerful employee value proposition goes a long way in ensuring that the most suitable qualified professionals available on the job market are narrowed down to a select group of candidates. Our staffing solutions experts find great satisfaction when the ultimate goal is achieved by matching dedicated employees who are valued by their employers.

The personal commitment and dedication of our employment consultants continue to serve our clients with the highest level of quality.

MASA’s trusted employment techniques have been perfected, tried and tested over a period extending over four decades. We incessantly invest in maintaining our recruitment team’s skills in rhythm with the latest employment industry and digital recruitment updates, ensuring that our clients benefit from expert head-hunting and executive search skills implemented to find the best candidates for employment by their organisations.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the best candidate for the job in the most cost-effective way. The inherent result of recruiting with this passion, is a successful long-term working relationship with both candidates and clients.

We at MASA understand the absolute importance of return on investment for our clients – this is our driving factor when receiving any newly registered job vacancy. The ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients are highly satisfied with the value of each individual contractor placed when measured against their investment in outsourcing their recruitment process.

This recruitment metric is the motivator for our clients to keep outsourcing their recruitment needs to us.

No effort is spared to ensure the suitability of candidates presented to our clients.

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