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Welcome to Measured Ability South Africa. We are one of the leading Petrochemical recruitment agencies in South Africa.

Our up-to-date database and wide-ranging network enables us to access an excellent pool of candidates, suitable for placement in the petrochemical industries all over Africa. Our exceptional knowledge and insight into the requirements of the petrochemical industry on the African continent place us a cut above any other petrochemical recruitment agency. We provide an unparalleled service to both our clients and candidates alike.

We strengthen partnerships by working side by side with our esteemed clients and continually updating our knowledge of the petrochemical industry. The result of this tried and proven practice is that it enable us to make exact matches with our candidates virtually overnight!

Our skilled consultants nurture the valued and long-standing relationships we have with our clients and candidates. They are fully trained and qualified to give support and guidance where it is deemed necessary, thereby adding value to the experience of the candidate and ensuring a return on investment for our clients. Candidates and clients who have made use of our exceptional services before, choose to return to us every time for further placements.

Petrochemical Recruitment

Your company too can now benefit from the successful placement of qualified and competent candidates, such as:

  • absorption operator
  • absorption plant operator
  • acid mixer operator
  • acid plant operator
  • alkylation chief operator
  • brine purification operator
  • burner operator – petroleum
  • catalyst operator, gasoline
  • catalytic cracking unit operator
  • caustic cell operator
  • gas dispatcher
  • gas field operator
  • operator, chemical process
  • operator, chemical process unit
  • operator, chlorination plant
  • operator, compressor station – pipelines
  • operator, control panel – chemical processing
  • operator, desulphurizing unit
  • operator, distillation equipment
  • operator, filter – petroleum, gas and chemical processing
  • operator, fractionator – petroleum
  • operator, heavy water chemical process
  • operator, liquefaction plant
  • operator, nitric acid oxidation plant
  • operator, oxygen recovery plant
  • oxygen recovery plant operator
  • panel operator – chemical processing
  • petroleum process operator
  • petroleum refiner
  • petroleum refinery operator
  • petroleum unit operator
  • pharmaceutical processing operator
  • pilot plant tender
  • pipeline compressor station operator
  • pipeline gauger
  • polymerization kettle operator
  • polymerization unit operator
  • power switchboard operator – chemical
  • and much more

We have offices in DurbanJohannesburgCape Town and Pietermaritzburg, but we fill positions anywhere.

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