Recruitment Agency In Kenya

Choosing a recruitment agency in Kenya?

Recruitment plays a massive role in preparing your organisation for the battles that lie ahead. What every company needs is a recruitment agency who understand the company’s values and principles. Having someone you can trust, like IOS Africa, can really make a difference for your organisation. If you are a company looking to hire new employees, choosing a recruitment agency in Kenya could be your best decision yet.

Recruitment Agency Kenya

If you’re wondering whether you need a recruitment agency in Kenya to do the job for you, then here’s what you need to know about the process of outsourcing recruitment:

We’ll Reduce the Cost of Hiring

The cost of hiring individuals has nothing to do with the salary or signing bonus you are paying – it is the cost of infrastructure, manpower and equipment involved in the hiring process, right from announcing the need for employees to interviewing and selecting the best candidates out of the initial bunch. These are costs that, if you do not find the right candidate(s), can go down the drain as your resources are limited but the number of candidates might not be.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you only have the resources to organise a three day recruitment process in one country, and you miss out on the best candidate who would have been the first guy walking in through your doors on Day Four. Outsourcing this entire process puts the headache of organisation and primary selection onto the heads of professional agencies like IOS Africa, thus lowering your cost-per-hire.

There’s No Shift in Focus

If you are involved in hiring employees from scratch for your company, then either you are part of the HR department or you are doing something other than your primary responsibilities. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of your company or part of the sales-team, if you are hiring people, you are not doing your primary job, which is to ensure that your company grows and develops. While no employee should ever be hired without direct involvement of the company’s owner or team-leader, there is little need to involve them directly at every single step of the process, from sifting through applications to inviting shortlisted candidates for interviews and more.

IOS Africa Recruitment Agency in Kenya

Replace HR Departments with a Recruitment Agency in Kenya

Most companies have large Human Resource teams whose main job is to hire candidates and maintain their records or other employee-related matters. However, here’s the biggest dilemma that companies face when setting up HR departments – how many people should be a part of that team? When the company is on a recruiting spree, you can’t have enough employees in the HR department but when you’re in a slump, even two might seem like over-staffing. Outsourcing the entire process to IOS Africa ensures that you never have to worry about over-staffing or under-staffing an HR team, without losing out on the effect of having such a team working for you at all times.

Whether you are worried about a high turnover-rate of employees or spending more time on a process that, while necessary, is probably not the top priority for you, you have to consider the need to spend time, effort and money on recruitment. By hiring a recruitment agency in Kenya, you can get rid of the “time” and “effort” components in that equation, while bringing your money-variable down to the bare minimum.

As companies all over Africa, including South Africa, are getting ready to meet the growing demand for employees in the oil and gas sectors, you need to focus on the things that matter and allow recruitment agencies to help you out along the way! Get in touch with IOS Africa today.