Information about a Blue Collar Recruitment Agency

If you need to hire blue collar workers for your company, but do not have the time to handle all of the responsibility that comes with new employees, you might consider looking into a blue collar recruitment agency. They can help you to get the people your company needs without all of the added work and paperwork. There are many ways in which a blue collar recruitment agency can help you to save time while still ensuring that you have enough men and women to keep your level of productivity high.

Blue Collar recruitment Agencies in Africa

How a Blue Collar Recruitment Agency can Save You Money

You will enjoy immediate savings when you work with a blue collar recruitment agency. All of the human resources tasks are handled by the agency so you will not have to pay directly for these tasks. This can save you the value of at least one employees salary, and maybe more, depending on the size of your workforce. Before choosing the best recruitment agency, make sure that you are clear about all of the different human resource and other services that they provide. The human resources tasks that you will typically save on include:

  • Payroll administration and human resource administration services
  • Recruiting, staff training and sourcing
  • All tasks that are associated with worker’s compensation and similar programs

How to Take Advantage of a Recruitment Agency

A blue collar recruitment agency offers several options that you can take advantage of to get the manpower you need without all of the extra work or human resources costs. You can choose whether you need permanent employees or if you just need some temporary employees to fill in during busy times. Depending on your industry, you may have peak times and slower times. You can choose to bring people on during peak times to handle the increased work load and then go back to your normal crew during slow times to save you money.

Other Services Provided by a Recruitment Agency

When you use a blue collar recruitment agency, there are other services that they will handle to save you time and money. They usually offer training to the people who they find work for, so you will not have to worry about extensive on-the-job training. They will also perform regular assessments on employees, make sure that all potential employees are physically fit and healthy enough for the work and will ensure that all employees are up-to-date on the latest safety standards and protocols in your industry.

A blue collar recruitment agency can handle all of the small tasks that are required when you are employing someone. Things like handling payroll, getting all of the pre-employment paperwork in order and handling timesheets can take up a lot of your time each week. This type of agency can handle all of these tasks so that you can keep your focus on getting the job done and keeping all of your clients happy. They can also help you to find the right employees that are qualified to work for your company.