Nigerian Recruitment Companies

Nigerian recruitment companies help you find expert staff for specialist jobs.

Nigeria has a flourishing economy and is a land of opportunity. It’s for this reason, along with its wealth of natural resources, that it’s becoming increasingly attractive to countries that have their base away in South Africa or overseas. One problem such companies have to face, is how to recruit the best possible staff in a job market they know little about.

How Nigerian recruitment companies can speed up your operations

Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of any business, especially when it comes to filling key positions, such as managers or engineers. It can also be one of the most laborious processes. If you don’t know the local employment market then how you will you know how to make your recruitment process effective? That’s where the services offered by Nigerian recruitment companies can be so effective.

Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of any business

Regional recruitment specialists, such as IOS Africa, provide a bespoke service that will find the perfect candidates for your jobs. They’ll already have a catalogue of skilled workers in that area, including highly qualified specialists within the target industry. They can also carry out initial screening and interviews on your behalf. This can save you time when trying to find new recruits, and in the current financial climate, time is money.

Nigerian Recruitment Companies and the Oil and Gas Industry

If your business operates within the oil and gas industry, you’ll know all about the new opportunities opening up in Nigeria. By working with the cream of Nigerian recruitment companies, you can put yourself in the best position to take advantage of the potential that’s waiting to be tapped.

Nigeria is a country with huge oil and gas reserves. Figures from OPEC show it exports around 2.2 million barrels of crude oil per day, 23,000 barrels of petroleum products per day, and around 24,500 million cubic metres of gas per day, and there’s plenty more still to come. Due to historic problems in Nigeria’s oil and gas production areas, many of the big multinational corporations have scaled down their operations or are selling their assets in the area. This is providing a fantastic opportunity for smaller businesses who can take advantage of increased stability in the future.

find the perfect candidates for your jobs

 Specialist staff from Nigerian Recruitment Companies 

IOS Africa is one of the foremost Nigerian recruitment companies. We have over 32 years’ experience in the field of oil and gas recruitment and can supply subsurface and rig personnel, health and safety managers, well engineering and drilling experts, and subsea and maritime specialists. We aim to make finding the perfect staff as easy for you as possible. Contact IOS Africa today, and find out how our services can help you.