A little lesson in how recruitment works: 

Let me just debunk the myth that recruitment agencies sole purpose is to find a candidate a job, that is (most of the time) not the case. Recruitment agencies are called upon by a client that is looking to hire a new person, and they find the perfect candidate for that position. Basically, they are the middle man.

Recruiters do, however, keep the good CVs on record, so that if they get a job spec in that matches one of those CVs particular skill sets, they will call up that candidate and ‘market’ them to their client.

For more information on how recruitment agencies work, check out our blog on the subject.


We have an online application which we urge all candidates to use, and upload their updated C.Vs.

The reason why we have this online database system in place, is so that we can form a comprehensive database, that draws information from candidate skill sets. Our consultants scan through the online database looking for skills that depend on the job spec that they have been handed. For example, if they are looking for an accountant they might search for ‘SAIPA’ (depending on the seniority of the role) and those who have that accreditation will show up first in their candidate pool search.

This means that if you upload your C.V. to our  online database, we will only contact you if a client requires your skill set and you are considered.

The method we use for finding our perfect candidate is done using BOOLEAN STRING SEARCH.

This method brings up exact matches for the skill set we need, so always remember to put as much of your experience, skill sets and qualifications on your C.V.


We also have a page on our website that showcases all our current vacancies that you can go through. If you find a position that you know you would be perfect for, you can apply directly to that position. Our consultants never leave you wondering, we will always let you know if you have been considered, or regretted.

Please be mindful of applying for jobs that are outside of your skill set. If you are a graphic designer, try not apply for an HR position. You will find yourself constantly disappointed.

Looking for a job?

Please visit our jobseeker page, and upload your C.V  to our nationwide database! Should a potential job offer open, and you are considered, we will contact you!

Looking for staff?

Let our dedicated and hard working team of consultants find you the perfect candidate. Please visit our employer page and tell us what you are looking for!